MoU soon to be signed!

March 24,2016.

 ADDIS ABABA:-An eleven people high-level REDD+ Ethiopian  delegation visits Seoul , South  Korea and its surroundings from 1-16  March, 2016  to  just  gain knowledge and skills on forestry development.

The aim of the exchange was to share experiences and build capacities to enhance fast and large-scale sustainable forest sector development in Ethiopia.

The delegation sought to learn from Korea’s valuable experiences in implementing bold national-scale forest restoration and conservation initiatives.

This includes knowledge on how to sustainably manage and protect forests, how to successfully engage in bold reforestation processes nationwide, and how to stabilize high forest cover and position forestry in a comprehensive vision of sustainable development.

Lessons drawn from the practical experience of  South Korea will increase the capacity of Ethiopian partners to buy-in and subsequently create an enabling environment for designing and implementing sustainable forest sector development, it was learnt.

The delegation also saw China’s forest sector management initiatives including the Bamboo National Development Program. These types of knowledge exchanges will contribute to Ethiopia’s overall National REDD+ Readiness process and forest sector development.

Stable institutional setup and commitment at various levels that enabled South Korea to achieve highly successful forest rehabilitation in a relatively short period of time; the successful targeting of critical drivers of deforestation policy and actions (e.g. slash and burn agriculture, fuel wood demand) anchored through appropriate alternative opportunities; highest-level commitment and strong conviction of leaders and national consensus on reforestation were just some of the key lessons learned and  taken back for reflection and adapted to the national context .

Ethiopia is committed to design its own national reforestation programme based on these lessons learned from the South Korean model, while the two countries will continue to jointly explore collaboration opportunities on key issues of forest sector programme design, forest science and education system beyond the knowledge exchange.

A critical outcome of this knowledge exchange was the strengthening of collaboration in the forest sector development with the establishment of a long-term cooperation between the two countries.

A long-term partnership agreement is expected to be signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia focusing on technical and technological exchanges and scaling up of best practices.

Included in  the delegation , among others, are H.E Dr. Shiferaw Tekelemariam , Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change(MEFCC),  Advisor to the Prime Minister Office on Watershed Development and Climate Change Affairs with the rank of minister, H.E Ato Belete Tafere  , and State Minister for forest Sector , H.E Ato Kebede Yimam , Presidents of Regional States of the federal democratic Republic of Ethiopia , H.E  Ato  Dessie Dalke ,  H.E Ato  Abay Woldu ,  vice president of the Afar Regional sate  H.E Ato Awol,  Dr. Wubalem , Director General of Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute and senior experts from the ministry.

The two countries were selected as an ideal learning knowledge hub for Ethiopia because they provide inspiring model.

The visit was organized by MEFCC with the financial support of  REDD+ Secretariat funded by the World Bank’s FCPF  and UNDP/UN-REDD.